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Meet Aryel: Meet the Team
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Aryel Poschwatta, NMT, HE

Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Health Educator
DONA International Certificate Candidate
NASM Certified Stretch and Flexibility Coach

Aryel completed her massage therapy training at the National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy, Sacramento in 2017. She completed the 900 hour core training program and furthered her education by completing the 450 hour Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy program, gaining her diploma and the title of Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Health Educator. Aryel has continued to broaden her knowledge of the human body by obtaining an Associates degree in kinesiology and a certification in stretch and flexibility coaching to better aid in her clients' speedy and lasting recovery from soft tissue discomfort.

Her passion has been to focus her talents on facilitating injury prevention and rehabilitation through the use of numerous modalities including shiatsu, sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and more.

Throughout her years in the massage therapy field she has worked in multiple clinic settings gaining knowledge in massage application of TMJ massage therapy and pelvic floor massage therapy. She also takes much pride in having operated a private practice in varying locations since 2017, and is happy to have found a 'home' in the East Bay Area.

Now settled, Aryel has finally achieved a long time goal of becoming a doula. She has always admired the beauty that is pregnancy and birth. As a doula she hopes to empower women through their labor and deliveries and to help them harness the power and strength within them through all methods of birth.

Why it all Matters

It was while in conversation with one of her clients that she realized there is a huge gap in our overall healthcare system, and that is postpartum wellness. Many women, like this client, suffer traumatic pregnancies and births with little to no care for the soft tissues that have undergone incredible rapid change, intense and strenuous labor, Cesarean operations, and much more. Similarly to her client, many women experience long term pain and discomfort as a result and are often dismissed, misdiagnosed, or out right ignored. Soft tissue dysfunction is often overlooked as there are few tests, surgeries, or medications available that can fix the problem. Aryel and her clients have found relief from these myofascial disturbances through the application of regular and targeted massage therapy sessions. It is her life's mission to facilitate lasting relief to every body on her table.

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