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Welcome to Beyond Birth Massage and Doula Care

The premier provider for comprehensive postpartum care - brought to your home.

We offer a variety of perinatal care services from prenatal massages to postpartum doula appointments. Schedule a free phone consultation or follow the link below to learn more about our full menu of services!

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FINALLY - a Postpartum Follow-Up Appointment {for Mom}

6 Weeks is Just the Beginning

Our mission is to bridge the gap in postpartum care in the United States. Discover the importance of regular prenatal massages and our step-by-step plan for effective and personalized postpartum care to enhance wellness and prevent injuries.

We believe in building a community of wellness, support, and understanding for all women. We know that when mothers are properly cared for, the ripple effect extends far and wide. Birth is THE BIGGEST DEAL - lets take it seriously! 

  • Addressing Postpartum Care Gap: Our dedicated team aims to fill the void in postpartum care services across the United States, ensuring new mothers receive the support they deserve after childbirth.

  • Importance of Prenatal Massages: Learn why regular prenatal massages are crucial for maintaining wellness during pregnancy and how they play a significant role in preparing your body for the postpartum period.

  • Personalized Step-by-Step Plan: Experience a tailored postpartum care plan, designed after thorough assessments during each appointment, to track your progress and achieve effective results in the shortest possible time.

  • Enhance Wellness, Prevent Injuries: Our comprehensive approach focuses on addressing tension patterns and promoting overall well-being, empowering you to embrace motherhood confidently.

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We are a BAE Birth Company

because moms come Before Anyone Else

Bay Area Empowered Birth (BAE, for short) is a comprehensive online resource offering invaluable support and guidance to expectant women and families in the East Bay, California region. Our focus is empowering individuals through education and community engagement, providing a wealth of information on childbirth education, doula services, lactation support, and postpartum care. Families can access a variety of resources, including informative blogs, community events, and testimonials from satisfied clients. Whether you're seeking evidence-based information on birthing options or looking to connect with like-minded individuals, the BAE community can promise to guide you through every step of your journey into parenthood with compassion and expertise.

Visit our website to get to know our partners, our mission, and join the modern wellness movement.

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Hours of Operation

Proudly Servicing the East Bay Area for In-Home Massage Therapy and Comprehensive Doula Services
By appointment only

Tues - Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sun-Mon: Closed

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