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Aryel's genuine care and compassion radiated throughout the session, creating a safe and nurturing space. She actively listened to my concerns, adapting her techniques to address my specific needs. It was clear that Aryel was not only passionate about her craft but also genuinely invested in my well-being. If you're searching for an in-home neuroskeletal massage therapist who brings expertise, education, and a heartfelt touch to your doorstep, Aryel is the perfect choice. Her presence and skills will transform your space into a sanctuary of healing. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, educated, and deeply grateful for the healing power of Aryel's touch.

Ashley G.

Aryel is knowledgeable, skilled, professional and personable. She asks the right questions, actually listens to your answers, then delivers exactly what you need. The benefits of a 60- minute massage like this is felt for days afterwards for its systemic benefits.

Melissa B.

As a massage therapist I use my body A LOT, and so naturally my body is full of aches and pains and KNOTS. Lots of knots.
My massages with Aryel have been so relieving and renewing. She is so professional and absolutely a gifted healer. Every stroke is so precise and perfectly made with perfect pressure.
NeuroMuscular therapy gets into all the little crevices and opens up the body unlike other massage modalities. This is true bodywork.
5 stars for Aryel!
Might I add she is the best MT I've ever had.

Cathrine D.

Magic hands! This is what I was thinking the entire time I was receiving treatment from Aryel.  First of all, she has a really lovely healing space.  It's quiet, soothing ambience, hypnotic music and a warm treatment table.  Instantly I felt relaxed.  She was incredibly professional and actually listened to what I wanted to focus on.  She was able to attune to exactly what my body needed, even if I didn't know it walking in there.  I was pleasantly surprised with the application of comfortable warm towels on my feet and hot stones used to massage my legs.  Aryel is quite detail oriented and is more than just skilled, in my opinion.  She is gifted.

Kasha R.

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