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Mobile Massage Services

Serene experience, clinical results.

Massage Therapy: Treatments

Full Body Assessment

60min $100

Recommended for every new client, even those returning who wish to dig a little deeper into the 'why?'. This service serves to get to the root cause of your ailments. Whether recovering from an old injury or repetitive stress patterns, this appointment is solely used to assess your body through thorough health history evaluation, postural and range of motion assessment, and orthopedic testing before ever attempting bodywork. By doing so, we take the guess work out of your sessions to deliver the fastest most effective massage sessions.

Neuromuscular Massage

60min-120min $150-$270

Included in every session. Also known as Trigger Point Therapy, this style of massage incorporates extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to target specific areas causing you pain, discomfort and restricted motion. With pressure ranging from light to deep, this style of massage is appropriate for every body.

Prenatal Massage

60min-90min $150-$230

Designed to target your specific needs as you and your baby grow and change. Whether you require relaxation or firm pressure to relieve your aches and pains, we work with you and the approval of your care team to deliver safe and effective treatments. This protocol prohibits intensive stretching and 2 hour massage sessions. Medical approval may be required.

Assisted Stretching

15min $30 & 30min $60

Added on before or after your massage appointment for maximum tension relief. Assisted stretching has been known to improve quality of sleep, decrease pain, and increase mobility. Apply this technique before a massage to decrease tension in targeted areas or after your session to "lock" in the work and keep you feeling better longer. Not available for prenatal sessions.

Serene Experience, Clinical Results

All in one session

We believe in the necessity of relaxation and pride ourselves on the attainability of pain relief through "medical" style massage. With our highly trained therapists you get the best of both - relaxation is essential to achieving lasting results.

More Than Just Bodywork

We ask the right questions

Each appointment begins with leading questions about your treatment goals and specific ailment. Our extensive knowledge and training guarantees fast and effective results in as little as 4 weeks. For more in-depth assessment and real root cause therapy, ask about our memberships or book your Full Body Intake appointment

Every Modality, Every Time

List Title.

We guarantee the efficacy of our work based on the wide variety of modalities our staff is trained and qualified to apply. From shiatsu, to deep tissue, stretching, and more. Each session is tailored and well blended to deliver "the best massage you've ever had!"

All Inclusive Pricing

No Nitpicking

If your body requires a specific technique or pressure to achieve desired results we will give it all we've got. We don't believe in charging extra for things like deep-tissue.

Massage Therapy: List
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