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Welcome to the online home of Beyond Birth Tree Services. We’re happy that you’ve come to check us out. We’ve created this website so that prospective customers can learn more about us and the services that we offer. Feel free to peruse the site to find the information you need.

This page in particular is dedicated to sharing some of our core company values with you. Keep reading below to find out all about them.

A Commitment to Quality Service

Here at Beyond Birth, we understand the game a little bit. We get that there are several companies who are vying for your business. We also know that there are many companies that do good work (for example, tree removal service longview is a good one). It’s hard to stand out in the crowd. However, we still feel that we stand above the rest of arbor care services in the area because of the quality of work that we do.

How can that be, you may ask. The answer is a two parter. The first part of the answer is that we have a commitment to quality that is like none other.  The second part of the answer is that our company only has two policies. Keep reading and we’ll reveal them to you. BONUS: if you contact us to inquire about services and tell us our two policies, we’ll give you a ten percent discount.

The Best Job

We’re obsessed with high quality work. It’s what drives us. We feel that when we do arbor care work for you, it should be nothing but the best. That’s why we check out reviews of our competitors constantly (even Ann Arbor Tree Services review) to know what’s going on with the arbor care world. This is because you deserve nothing but the best.

One of the policies that we have in place here at Beyond Birth Services is that if our work is not to your liking, we will come back and make it right at no extra cost. The funny thing about this policy is that we’ve never had to enact it because people are so satisfied with our original work.

The Best Prices

We’ve already got competitive pricing for all of our tree services here, whether it’s stump grinding or branch cutting (or something else!). However, we understand that there might be lower prices out there.

This is where we get to introduce you to our second policy: If you see a local arbor care company with a lower price than ours for the same service, let us know and we will beat it by ten percent. That’s right, ten percent.

Stoked Customers

Our customers are excited about our work. We’ve included some of their words below.


“I’ve always been a DIY guy. Ever since I was young, my dad and I would take care of our property on our own. However, being an open minded adult, I decided to contact Beyond Birth for a job recently. I was so blown away by their professionalism and the quality of their work that I know that I would call them again without hesitation. They did a way better job than I could ever do with branch cutting. Thanks so much, guys!”



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