About Beyond Birth



Well hello there!

Thanks for finding us here on the world wide web. This website is our home on the internet. In our virtual space, you’ll find all of the pertinent information to who we do here at Beyond Birth Services.

On this page in particular, we’ve included information about our background and what we’re about here at Beyond Birth Services.

Our Team

We have a finely assembled team to meet all of your needs. Below, you’ll find a short bio about all of us here on the team.


Stan is our head honcho. He’s the guy in charge of all of the goings on here at Beyond Birth Services. He’s a huge fan of ramen and soup in general. He never takes days off, but in the time that he’s not working, you can find him hiking with his two dogs, Panama and Stacy.


Sarah is our media manager. She takes care of everything on the virtual representation of things. Everything that you see on this website is the product of her magical touch. Sarah enjoys yoga and frequent late night trips to the frozen yogurt shop when she’s not working.


Joey is our marketing specialist. He works very closely with Sarah to make sure we are getting the right message across to the right people. When he’s not working tirelessly to make us look super cool, you can find Joey in the studio making super cool beats with his new electronic music project. Check him out online!


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